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When you say LAURIE, you are also saying a great fitting trouser.. With shapes that are constructed to fit many different body types, and processed with the right seams, the right thread and (if they have one) the best wash, so they have a long lifespan and are comfortable to wear. We hope that, with a quick look behind the scenes, you can learn about what sets your future pair of LauRie trousers apart – trousers created with one thing in mind and that is our clear desire to ‘create happiness and well-being for women…’.

Multiple styles have an elasticated waistband which is nice and stretchy. The most important thing is that they reach around the body and catch the slimmest point at your waist – in other words that the crotch curve from your navel to the small of your back is the correct shape and exactly the right height, both at the front and at the back. The elastic’s strength, height and ‘cut length’ for each size are carefully matched and adapted for both before and after washing – a not insignificant detail (especially when bending down).

The many different styles with a front zip have an extra button on the inside of the waistband in the larger sizes, giving them extra durability and a flattering look. Did you know that LAURIE has trousers in all sizes?

There are styles without pockets providing a clean look, which compliment wearing a blouse or tunic. There are styles with front pockets, for those who want something more practical. The pocket size (and depth) depends on the fabric, since front pockets should be there without taking up space. But they are fastened to the garment on both sides so they stay when you move.

Back pockets are standard in the majority of styles with a front zip (also called 5-pocket in jeans) and their shape and size are chosen carefully to fit the design’s seams; their placement is chosen for the best balance and proportion in relation to the curves of the trousers. Incidentally, did you know that the little extra fifth pocket at the front was originally designed for a man’s pocket watch? Today it’s called a coin pocket, since the watch was moved up from the pocket to our wrist even though it’s now mostly decorative in function and simply there to create an authentic look.

Hip size is part of the science, because we’re not all the same and a given pair of trousers won’t be for everyone, even though stretch in the fabric can go a long way when you try on a style.

On the topic of us not all being the same… there is also a wide variety of leg lengths extra-long, regular, short, cropped, capris (also available in multiple lengths) and shorts – they can all be found in several styles, so they fit you straight off, without alterations.

The width of the trouser legs is something we refer to as the silhouette. This ranges from completely skinny (hugging the leg closely) to loose (loose from hip to foot) – and everything in between. You can read descriptions of the various silhouettes here

Once you have found your favourite trouser fit we are sure that you will be keen to find another pair in the same fit. It is for this reason that we have the broadest selection on the market, because LAURIE trousers are an absolute favourite for many women. With LAURIE's wide selection of classic, formal or trendy; short or long; slim or loose; with pockets or pocketless; not to mention countless colours and fabrics, all have one thing in common: the fantastic fit that will also become your favourite.


At LAURIE, the choice of fabric is important and considered when we’re designing the various styles. Important, because they must be manufactured without the use of chemicals, by suppliers we know, and in as environmentally friendly a way as possible; considered, because they must be carefully selected for the various styles, so they hang well and are flattering and of course comfortable to wear. Our wish is to ‘create happiness and well-being for women…’, and the materials in your new clothes are a part of that.

Most of the fabrics for trousers and skirts have stretch ‘comfort’ or ‘high’, depending on the specific style. If not we put a good width into the pattern, and you get a comfortable loose style. With either option, it helps to provide great freedom of movement, because we believe it is important that clothing adapts to the body’s movements, not the other way around.

Blouses and tunics are either knitted (jersey) or woven and are mostly, made from viscose, cotton or ideally Tencel but, first and foremost, natural materials you can breathe in. How thick and heavy the fabrics are depends on the season. Style and cut as well as which fabric is best suited to a beautiful print, but we leave nothing to chance, they are all carefully chosen.